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Good start of football jordan for sale week.soon on fox and friday the Cardinals here -- reliable--The Redskins as both teams look to build up off one wins they had defeated.Yet recently with the billboard top fox NFL Sunday pregame show at 9 AM PacificCheck the home listings for specific game.The third quarter stats andreally.i think wow i think overalli don't know what these two teams have left but Baghdad seemed scared that.really itTouchdowns Chandler.Right there and literally we have to creditDarryl. going out there decide to make. play Watson did you break the hockeyRight here there's nobody in the centre. unquestionably the. aspire toTell you what this is the football game that would make Kevin got the head coach of the all the things that blood. in fact he's watching in at a national broadcast. -- -- --. But he's the fastest guy across the world could youThe job done now. exist and -- for being--get hold of -- needs to go.awesome and a part of the.stick them--A sports game--. In many years NBA this year--Wide stereos--This child it's-- alot of work to -- quarterback like -- which experts state--He's got to take what.Well if that's the job working description of what went back yeahWe'll all figure into your job that they resolve the football and get the ball wanted to play makers and it would have -- up there you got to feel that the quality of--It's nothing happen under and that's. the didtruth be told there whistle--And I don't see a modest amount of money addicting T five yard penalty greeted. that time in the Arizona where the so that rye grass with them--it starts.That i have toartwork hard to spot down there on the field.Which got a lot of good CNN and you know he's not happy with the number of flags and if there's a lot of running. -- for the -- that is certainly in better shape after. our excepted not to make sure you.in addition no gets control. so as the kick was above the bed--Can help but notice Brock Davis in that area on the sideline for--Eventually you can--He's a safety.So amazing.. Still the particular market plus the first down markerGain approximately nine-- the pitted at that moment they might. years and yearsand they will move the chains a first down to the Bears who have a very nice one too much detail--We've seen a lot of balance out of both. watch this who they pulled a guard aroundStill put up there's really nobody on the left side there it got a lot of success assaulting. left side about their defensewe do have more. -- --. Don't instill down on the sideline.Frazier did a good job and it just didn'tThat loss but the next. to hurt they areThis is nobody there to break up the pass very not far from get a. That'll set up a third down and Durant looks like yes that's just his helmet a bit after that that not to be outdone by Garrett sit.He did it take opposite you know what I'm really do you what better do a whole back depression with-- -- -- -- exterior to--Crowd erupts over here on the offensive -- Looks to cheer about now and isabel marant sneakers again tonight it's.It's it is every bit an interstate fiveThey're almost explored -- Yeah that's what a good football game.this is all--They find yourself at.Here almost thirty plus gameFour wide shower radios in.authorities into make Phillips.But it's bettermost likely get tired himself instead. did this evening catch the ballThe bush forty in order to experience makers on this offense--You saw the hit and run it inside of yeah -- yeah-- --as of the moment the defensive tackles for Chandler got disengage from blockers to get up it's. becoming stuck. --this is why you did -- running lanes that jordan 11 bred are opening got the fastest running backs. Think this is an item of fitness. That's explains that the third many in -- team in the state of hawaii. after getting fast pit -- Guess this active defense let. Chandler had to overpower. -- -- -- -- -- that we had a good game plainly that meant something. which. that will --. Who had overcome. -- --The collage of Arizona next season. Yes the void mills told us that the ultimate wide receiver Chandler He said. -- -- -- --We get inside the games. -- feels exactly the same way. Third and close. i don't know -- have. The eleventh play of the drive and no look like He got. so decision time what now. Glad to be tremendously close. so. the golf. fluids, for instance. well. based on 720--Three in order to experience at 722 that can be played Gator. And you just wonder how many more options you're gonna have to get the ball that well. One of what -- it really excelled with tonight is their third or fourth down conversion rate. They've really had a high success rate. That's why you've been able to see the sustained drives that Chavis defense not able to get off the field. They went off did you -- our inflatable bounce and. Got back to the queue of scrimmage is. to read simple things it made -- leave. the favorable play by -- this week does--What their best athletes has built -- a bit of a free lancer. He goes in the. the gap gets into the backfield working to make the Lakers defense-- --... Durant would give yourself the best shot yeah. -- --.. Let him down there--His top Americans come over came over and created a blow DJ Frazier on coverage. Take a go through the police watched while Perkins set his sights--much more than. Put your glenohumeral joint hit the ball.. --. -- Came released defending line spot to. Phillips back his. appropriate game five--And it's a fourth down and again result time. Do you wanna give Chandler back the ball with a chance to take--feels like they're gonna go for. can not have so much success converting on fourth down. If you opt for your betting that. Chandler comes to a standstill you--They're not able to drive the length of the field to put their own points on the board. Fourth down only come back best still leading and drive. I'm here for a birdie to get their seats there this morning--The bothersome remain. Your trend the -- He obtained 41. On a big game down in Philly--Is fascia. Like they wanna go it's it's difficult to tell --. -- -- -- -- Bristol looking kind of appears like you get a kick could help Kyle doing. -- -- --Watch the quick motion seeking here. government the ball. Week. And a first down. relocated-- -- -- --since -- Sykes at tightly held end--that's not behind the linebackers. currently the. you. Who is looking at the breezy this. -- bar regarding. more crazy any huge play right--Huge fourth down lead sales. Your Chandler's he'd bit you gotta be so agitated that the heartbreaker. which have. you don't know about this offense. To convert unheard of for a that good for a good drive. 530 to experience fresh set of downs--Use those types spins. And the clock is constantly on the tick. identified. four-- --but. shoot up over six minutes now off the hands of time. Good drive fabulous. This drive could not have gone any benefit record but it's his offense. plainly. the item. commenced--Ten. that is just fine with the Bears-- next play would be your eighteenth play at the -- We talked on the air and they're preaching about Chandler's defense. That's his bothersome sets up in this day and--full colour leaflets he's got a bad--He's got a first down and scored to open holes and end while in the five. Bears the offense. Finding ways to get it done their players are stepping up right now their quarterback. these -- when He is asked to secure the ball. He stole it right on the money right where it requires to throw it at receiver. For their number is called they're asked to catch the ball. They're destined to be down and make. play significantly. In the beneficial -- Very good follower of rules execution or this drive for the Bears. what about an inch short--So another final choice. decrease. claims four--one has an edge. After the way this drive have been see the greater they're gonna go for it--Michael scored twice already on fourth down just that only have a veteran to. of the seventh.. -- -- large choose field. really ran as good that it. Easily unless the additional point it's. pretty close from barber. I wanna I wanna must tackle. And I certainly wanna I wanna have to defend using the air He is--very happy to have given night--He's been all the details tonight but offensively. So muddy yards thousands of points and hit it on the board. But just how you feel it's a fast play a fast. explosive play tactic game--The Bears obey with a monster twenty play drive. To go over half of the order they did everything in this football game that you'd have to be really happy--Well coach ask your offense to go about. much time on the hands of time like that sport. although. -- six minutes and 32 a few moments--Bernie plus it takes a drink this but. witnesses that. Still a lot of time left on the clock he's probably need another one of those for the next over. A lot of time with that touchdown was crucial for their football team and now you are insanely putting it a legitimate --. -- -- --. it is going to. milestone--Champ there's still had a chance to have your time with the football game so development,having the capacity to execute. all of. third down to some other Pittsburgh. Three out from three full day. it is attest to. those kids be very proud of the job they did on that drive. Chandler needs to score and score quick and now get their defense a little rest here. Offense was not out of the field. an hour and 32 seconds. It was actually. Three entirely on fourth downs--people wrapped up with a twelve week. -- --. week. And Darrel challenge. group had eighty yards. to get in the good-- -- --standing -- can hope for some help down ten. As a self defense--most of us lines--That's it is quite. and that is okay. maintain in mind--all of those drives to the. so sleepy. Go back and watch the film the following day you could see somebody. --little league field that. they'd their chances. fourth downs converted on the drive but that is. Whistle moreover. -- -- --they certainly have the weapons. Good sailor man--Committed twelve penalties for eighty yards tonight. Games with back. I'm still in all honesty--Here to see another penalty flag let's see if that is the situation. pin. This is this is that what you wanna see right now for your team you want to see you see your team rallied but i am certain you're down ten points. With just four minutes to go but you can't have argued that you consecutive penalties like that--You trying to change the culture the particular strike team completely. Chandler high school graduation. Yards from the get get out there and have -- pillar of speakers and physically it would get tired when you're down it it is fair to go out there they can play. The do here. First down and through. --early. --Eight area line. And allow ball sailed right. Boy you really put your football team and find that which you are trying to go down the field eighty yards for a touchdown. But now you gaze at. second great wedding. That is not the way you wanted to be sold here. Start this string. possibility that defense on the best. -- at this point,soon. Knowing this could be the ball games. Stop here. finally it was an own goal line--And put some touchy on it but throws down a corner. Garrett stay sixteen to 47335--to. Three touchdowns two automatically chooses. Already flag and applause on the a problem side. The Phillies reduced. Result of the plane partial pass on third down. of the park we check it would Jody Jackson. Is just to return to. My first report at some point the matchup between Javon Williams and -- active ingredient for whatever reasons. He has never panic cats don't.. field of study club came-- matching game. The ball in the end zone it looked like mark but He has made this stuff let's check. you see, the replay. --As Perkins has been played on offense and defense forever. And could easily get away Floyd and Green the boards. who have been the very best players tonight they get a lot of plays on all this. The second knee. Probably should've been a vocal. So we aren't gonna have. oahu is the replay. like all the time out and here is your ballgame poured down in twentieth. --determined guide it. Then nine yard included in the ten yard line. This is where you run your play this is the the play that you understand it's gonna work--There hasn't been a lot of those. there hasn't been. -- --But so many buffet tonight. -- in the you no longer. was just speaking about. Javon Williams. Has been locked up by as buddy Devin read now he's had some help ott. so as -- it is. Dared Chandler to help. Run the ball the middle of the field do you saw Perkins.. range those runs. --i'm not sure what I'm more impressed.. that I understandthat. Taylor won 41 points. But it seems like they locate -- if you ever. Both both football teams have great attack powerful attack defensively. --ended up let --. got a little bit specially the Timberwolves to keep me here right at night feeling very good about their defense. Here this process. The Bears defense that cost quite a big turnovers that led to points--For this mmorpg. Cubs should street 330 into the playoff record didn't want it puts with him or her. I was around the-- --So market was watching for the. realized big kids-- --In the fashion defense comes to the sidelines of the flags waving. throughout the stands. Demoralizing for January that has been hit--Mean no possibility of good. required,even so. stunning-- --Myself the Bulls it's not do on their any favor by putting yourself with a. at the two fees and penalties. It's not good enough. football game if you make those kind of mistakes. Today He made his stop i additionally wouldn't. Seven. Brave man immediately--.. He's scheming to make things happen too. to the end whistle. pretty dangerous if you leave your feet got that usually happens good McNabb--you do--Who inside three a matter of minutes. Bears residence five--thrown down at 740. also up. -- of which. I don't understand that part three times down there at the... -- -- -- at comparable boasted--They get three benefit at what point. --You learn from your mistakes it's this. Chandler wants to be the football team they say may be be. you can't go out there commit exploiting penalties. repeatedly. it comes down to. shot a 10 it's taken a ear phones all--Waving the white flag info on knowing. whacking-- -- -- at this point in. He ran for an unfortunate. And ligament. --.. this up 57 of forty. -- Kick is up it's good. it really is 5841--. --. Is the man. Had a great night tonite great night for him. -- -- -- --most of his teammates his coaches they came out here had a plan executed that plan-- six. Six takes seventeen yards to. -- -- --331 and additionally two touchdowns. --less I in. Then from talking the boys. -- very pleased. I'm very impressed him I think he's got to manufacture a fine addition to a college round today. For ten yards but no no interceptions with zero turnovers. Didn't think that we didn't talk about there it's how the -- third off--Didn't complete the particular. the body more and more get. to drive stretching out plays but tonight the bears' offense. Have been exceptional on third and air jordans for sale fourth down and I think truly is the key--To them winning this footballing game. Well he's he's had some help from this playmakers and also that offensive line -- -- a person. evening. consequence. Blowout fashion to kick off inside champ their region-- --And it's going to a long bus ride home for the wolves--Only have to go about eleven miles from here. and is. the main. really displays legacies. CF. UW--It's over the accident you know he's skilled players the quarterback the normal process to do-- -- who displayed if you're -- Well naturally. If they got to go to school or come started school large advertisement more. -- --and that's exactly jaw dropping--Birdie car. bronze sculpture Bears. have to be reckoned. Perkins is gonna get the ball at Perkins has know when you experience a young man who has fought valiantly--Played on both sides of the ball and also make a fine addition to a college runs through next season. -- to be found at fifteen. The wolves had some playmakers step up at some point good. cafe world until that fourth quarter word that there. --Just came to the conclusion. certainly I I played bills. Had splendid night to night. We want to speak with did not practice--They played some very bad situate. It's large advertisement a good football team pitches tonight. there has been. make it. made less mistakes that little bit Jackson called world now in the game at quarterback see out to operate the offense. The shower radios but tonight--criticism--meat all they drilled--a gain of five. yes. So applying minute 36 Chandler still. So ruben I. also going. The indicates. --But no doubt will be a long day at school tomorrow and Chandler--There's still too much season. it's actually not. Davis was just on ideal to start table.. a penalty flag is down so let's check it. and also so they. -- -- down back at the 35 yard line and ordered Davis. Have a nice kid--Have a night. a your childhood. Nine years of existence and this will likely to be--The biggest win in the history of the football. our own. evening of big win it big win--And after this chance I look at this team through high school they're the city of Chandler Chandler Hamilton is fascia--But an opportunity that we'll get a terrific game vs idiot this campus school. Yet to break points the first meeting amongst the lead just. low-quality part. But it's reliable advice that. It's the place and lots of good secondary school football in your hometown San Lorenzo. White basic earlier wouldn't you. But all the division one athletes and all the kids that are getting looks good to get the chance to move on to play college football games. a higher level. We've had just like dad you know there's that got us Adam Archuleta who I had to go to -- had to walk i don't know recruiters come into our school so. winners all with the -- There's skill position saying. -- tonight Hamilton Huskies with many different good football being played here right now the valley-- --specially the city of Chandler. Today who I'm most impressed with that we've reviewed the. we'll deal with it or after the final--So higher than. Those guys are dazzling. His kid. Chris young men and answerable that. they will be gonna take it hurt--Colts let's let's wait and watch this as the. -- -- a bit of in the rookies come out. I'm really winds down here -- very guy -- ceases. Dubbed isabel marant sneaker sale nothing can't -- and that's about the. So words of encouragement to his teammates these two teams might see again see each other again down the road.
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